Flower Calendar

Choose flowers according to the seasons

Which flowers for your venue when you only know the geraniums of your balcony ? How to know which flowers will be available in the moments aheads ?

To help you to see clearly, follow our flower calendar to help you choose your bouquets and discover beautiful flowers from Spring to Winter !

  • Respect of the environnement
  • Diversity
  • Quality
  • Freshness



Love seasonal flowers


4 seasons and 12 months of flowers to decorate your event.

You are asking yourself which flowers will be available in 6 months ?

You are launching a product with floral notes and are looking for coherence in your communication ?

You want a bridal bouquet with peonies ?

To help you to see more clearly, I invite you to discover flowers thoughout the months, know their specificity, their language as well as the tradition of flowers for weddings. I am sensitive to our environment in my everyday life, it is the reason for which I adopt two important rules in my professional life as well : responsible purchases and responsible consummation. I work only on command and do not stock flowers. This way may I do not waste any flowers and it enables me to offer fresh seasonal flowers to my clients. The flowers come directly from producers. They pluck the flowers the exact morning of your event especially for you. This is how I guarantee quality fresh bouquets.

Flowers of different displaced cultures are polluting, this is why I prefer using seasonal flowers from local producers that I know. Favouring local production is how I guarantee delicate fresh beautiful flowers grown with respectful methods for the environment. You want to organise a bio and ethical venue ? I offer a series of bio flowers grown without any chemicals and pesticides.


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